AIM Space has two verticals: space technology and space education.


AIM Space offers three types of services:

  • Consultancy on utilizing Earth Observation data for improving services on the ground. We have four other young professionals in our team and we are currently working with our first client.
  • Outsourcing for software work packages. This can include processing EO data, space situational awareness or thermal-structural simulations.
  • We are open to collaborations on EU funded projects. We are continuously tracking Horizon 2027, Erasmus+ and EUSPA calls and are in the process of creating consortiums, so do get in touch!


AIM Space Education has the mission to create a global community that connects space professionals to space enthusiasts from multiple industries to the benefit of both and with a view of helping humankind become a space faring civilization.

We are starting our journey through SpacedIn, a series of local space education centers focused on middle school and high school students. We have opened the first in Bucharest in the fall of 2022 and have had over 100 pupils and parents involved in our courses and events so far. We are planning to expand to Cluj and Timisoara in 2023. Stay tuned!


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